Water is life, and – due to its excellent physical properties – an indispensable process medium in refrigeration technology. To ensure that these properties can be used constantly and sustainably, water must be prepared and its quality monitored and controlled.

For reasons that you are certainly aware of:

  • Biological contamination must be prevented, e.g. from cooling water re-cooling systems (fouling). Such contaminated water is hazardous to health.
  • Contaminated water has a significantly reduced heat absorption capacity/thermal conductivity and impairs the performance of the refrigeration system.
  • Additives, such as benzenes, glycols or other
  • hydrocarbon mixtures, promote microbially induced corrosion as the main cause of corroded
  • metals in machinery, heat exchangers and pipe systems.
  • Corrosion deposits in combination with biofilms significantly reduce the heat/cold transfer and gradually clog your cooling system. Up to a total loss of pressure.
  • Untreated water forms mineral deposits that greatly reduce the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

The consequence:

Both continuous treatment and regular analysis of the cooling water are important prerequisites for trouble-free functioning of the entire refrigeration or cooling system. For existing systems or when retrofitting existing systems with efficient treatment technology, a one-time cleaning of the cooling circuit is recommended.

Process-optimising solution:
L&R Kältetechnik offers users of refrigeration systems, re-cooling systems and cooling towers a wide range of technologies and processes that ensure constant water quality and thus reliable, risk-free and highly efficient system operation.

We work with specialised companies that have extensive experience and high technical competence in their respective fields (cleaning, water treatment and water analysis). Chemical, mechanical and physical technologies are available for water treatment. All technologies can be combined for an individualised customer solution, if required. Thus, we offer the best conditions for processing and supplier-neutral consulting.


Our goal is to stabilise your water quality, so you can run your production reliably, safely and efficiently with a well-maintained cooling water network.


Within the framework of the CSR Directive Implementation Act of 11 April 2017 (DIN 26000), environmentally friendly applications in industrial production are gradually being included in corporate reporting requirements. This also sets a process in motion initiated by the legislator that demands and promotes sustainable processes. Both in terms of risk prevention and for reasons of efficiency, effective water treatment is therefore fundamentally the standard equipment for a refrigeration system.

The implementation of VDI Guideline 2047 in conjunction with the 42nd BImSchV (Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Emission Control Act) for open cooling tower circuits is already a mandatory part of this legislative offensive for direct hazard prevention against germ and legionella proliferation.

In addition, water treatment is becoming more of a focus for many companies, as large, internationally active customers are checking the CSR conformity of their suppliers’ production as part of their reporting obligations (see above). This includes minimising the risk of contamination from inadequately treated process water. This approach is in line with the trend to dispense with or at least reduce chemical aids (corrosion inhibitors, biocides) and to rely on mechanical or physical processes.

Implementation: For the above-mentioned requirements, L&R offers both an optimised, reliable cooling system solution and the associated water treatment systems. This applies to both initial plant equipment and existing plant optimisation. In both cases, we will work with you to develop a customised concept that will support you in your further development, set you up for future requirements in a stock-reliable manner and allow you to work cost-effectively.

L&R Kältetechnik – your process technology from a single source

Indispensable – for new systems and as a retrofit
Demand-oriented treatment of feed water for your technical requirements:

  • Reverse osmosis, cooling water treatment of problematic feed water from well or surface waters. Useful for rainwater utilisation and large storage basins.
  • Softening of lime-containing feed water with a precisely adjustable hardness setting for an optimised basis of your water cooling system.

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