Manufacturer of Art of Cryo cold chambers

Cold chamber manufacturer – high-performance cold chamber by Art of Cryo

Art of Cryo is a manufacturer of high-performance cold chambers and a division of L&R Kältetechnik.
With 28 years’ experience in building high-performance cold chambers, Art of Cryo’s high-performance cold chambers impress with their quality. Art of Cryo guarantees real and stable minus temperatures in the application room.

Art of Cryo’s high-performance cold chambers are developed and manufactured in Germany. Production of all technical units along with the programming of the control unit takes place in Art of Cryo’s own production site in Sundern.

Purchasing a cold chamber – V1, V2, V3 cold chambers of the future

Art of Cryo offers three production lines to meet customers’ individual requirements.

The single Vaultz line not only offers the perfect entry-level model with the V1 and V1 Lux – it is also designed for quick and variable setup.

The V2 and V3 for the vario Vaultz line have an application room at -110 °C. They also have one or two antechambers, depending on the model, which serve to maintain a stable refrigeration level, as well as contributing to the evaporation of residual moisture on the skin.

unical Vaultz are special solutions, adapted to customers’ individual wishes and ideas. From high-performance cold chambers for equestrian sports to special solutions for yachts.

Electric cold chamber – 28 years’ experience

As early as 28 years ago, L&R Kältetechnik recognised that electric whole-body cryogenics was the future of cryotherapy. Today, Art of Cryo is building the high-performance cold chamber models of the future.

Art of Cryo’s testing and research centres are already looking to the future. The development of new combination therapy modules and preparation of the current cold chamber models make it possible for Art of Cryo to offer you state-of-the-art technology even after many years.