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Ultra-low temperature units

As a solution provider, we design each individual system for the respective application and the temperature level to be achieved. Standard solutions have no place here. Depending on the requirements, compressors may be configured in two stages or as a multi-stage cascade. In addition to air and classic cooling media, other circulating media such as glycol mixtures, brines, or thermal oils can also be cooled. For the shock freezing of sensitive, active pharmaceutical ingredients we have developed our own system technology in the form of the plate.

L&R deep-freeze systems are always designed individually. In addition to reliability, of central importance are the energy efficiency and sustainable operation of the system over its entire lifespan.

The choice of refrigerant has a tremendous impact on these factors. As a matter of principle, only refrigerants that work particularly reliably and efficiently, and the use of which readily complies with all applicable legal requirements (such as the F-Gas Regulations) are used. In addition, other factors such as flammability, toxicity, and explosion risks are taken into account.

L&R uses conventional safety refrigerants, as well as natural refrigerants with very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) val-ues, such as ammonia, propane, propene, and CO2. L&R has gained extensive ex-perience in this field over many years.

Since the machines are almost exclusively used in production, very high availability through the use of high-quality components from renowned manufacturers is the top priority. Should it nevertheless become necessary, we are, of course, at your disposal for service, maintenance and repair. This can be done "just in time" in the event of an emergency, as our service hotline with competent staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Ultra-low temperature units

TTK-Maschinen werden eingesetzt, wenn tiefe bis sehr tiefe Temperaturen erreicht werden sollen, z.B. in der Chemie- und Pharmaindustrie, aber auch in der Medizin- und Lebensmitteltechnik oder für Versuchsanlagen, welche in vielen Industriezweigen Verwendung finden. Die Maschinen sind mit speziellen Komponenten ausgerüstet, um dauerhaft tiefe Temperaturen zu erbringen. Die TTK-Maschinen werden kundespezifisch angeboten, daher können Temperaturen bis -120oC in Kombination mit vielerlei Leistungsabstufungen realisiert werden. Je nach Bedarf werden die Verdichter zweistufig oder als mehrstufige Kaskade angeordnet. Neben Luft ist die Abkühlung von verschiedenen Umlaufmedien, wie Glykolmischungen, Solen oder Thermalölen ein häufiger Anwendungsfall. Innerhalb des zu kühlenden Mediumkreislaufs bestehen die Rohrleitungen, die Armaturen und der Tank aus korrosionsfreiem Edelstahl.


We go the distance and look forward to your challenges! As individualists, we can fully adapt to your needs. With us, your system will be planned, designed, assembled, and maintained from one source. And thanks to short decision-making processes, we are also fast!

Christoph Wiemer
Sales Manager - Special Plants

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